Hurricane & Wind Damage

Florida property owners and business owners are a target for hurricanes, which are often devastating. Unfortunately, not only are they victims of the storm, but often become victims of the insurance claims handling that follows.

Insurance companies respond by bringing in independent adjusters with varying levels of experience to handle the claims. Of all of the types of cases our firm has handled, catastrophe claims are by far the most improperly evaluated and underpaid. Why?

First, insurance companies respond to the storm by bringing in outside adjusters from various independent adjusting firms who often do not have the expertise to handle claims of this magnitude. They come from all over the country from areas that haven’t experienced hurricane damage. To make matter worse, many of these adjusters have little to no actual claims experience.

Also, there is an incentive for these adjusters to quickly inspect the damage, get paid for their services and move on to the next storm. It is no surprise that almost all carriers have a clean-up team of adjusters to re-evaluate the mishandled claims.

Experienced Legal Assistance with Florida Property Insurance Claims

Kim Adams has been a catastrophe adjuster and public adjuster. She has first-hand knowledge of how the catastrophe claims business works.

If your business or home has sustained structural or water damage, you have rights under your insurance policy, including cost of repairs, business interruption, additional living expenses, personal property coverage, storage or rental units, and law and ordinance coverages, among others. And if your claim has been unreasonably delayed or underpaid by your insurance company, your insurance company could be engaging in bad faith claims settlement practices.

Let Kim Fight for You

Contact Kim M Adams PLLC for a free initial consultation regarding your hurricane or windstorm claim. Call (407) 342-3188 or email us at We handle most cases on a contingency fee basis which means you owe no fee unless we win your case.

Kim Adams, AIC

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Orlando attorney and licensed public adjuster Kim Adams has over 30 years of insurance claims experience. Kim and her clients work together as a team to bring a resolution that is most compatible with her clients’ needs.

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I sustained damage to my roof following hurricane Irma. After a patch job in 2018 and a water leak in the master bathroom in June…
– M.R., Fort Meyers, FL

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