Florida Homeowners Insurance Claims

What happens when disaster strikes and your insurance company doesn’t treat you fairly? Has your insurance company undervalued, delayed or denied your claim? We can help.

Many people think their insurance company is their friend. We have often heard people say that they have been with XYZ Insurance for decades and therefore, their insurance company will treat them fairly. It may come as a surprise that it doesn’t matter how long you have been with your insurance company. They will treat you the same as the person who just obtained a policy. They are not your friend.

While many claims are handled properly by insurance companies and people are satisfied with their settlements, far too many times insurance companies delay, underpay or outright deny claims, wearing homeowners down. Many people throw in the towel after months of fighting and take less than what they are entitled to under the policy. Don’t be another victim of these tactics.

Florida Homeowners Insurance Attorney Services

Kim M Adams PLLC can help for all types of homeowners claims including fire, water, pipe leaks, mold, hurricane, and windstorm. We help you navigate the frustrating claims process that is often overwhelming.

Your insurance policy is a contract and each party (you and your insurance company) has certain duties that they must perform. We help you fulfill your duties, such as timely compliance with requests, documents submission and proper documentation and presentation to ensure a proper settlement. There are deadlines that many homeowners are unaware of that if not met, can be very detrimental to your claim. We make sure you are in compliance with your policy.

We also protect your rights as a policyholder under Florida law, making sure the insurance company is doing what they promised under the policy. The insurance company must also be in compliance with fair claims settlement practices which are designed to be sure your claim is being handled in reasonable manner, timely and properly evaluated and paid. There are statutes in Florida which outline what a carrier should and shouldn’t do when handling an insured’s claim. We make sure your rights under these laws are protected.

Unsure if you need our expertise? Read our results page for real world examples of what we have been able to do for our clients. Please remember though that all cases are unique, and these accounts may not be representative of your situation.

Let Kim Fight for You

We are only a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns about how your claim is going. We will let you know if you are being treated fairly.

We handle most of our cases on contingency fee which means you don’t owe an attorney unless we win your case. Call us for a free initial consultation at (407) 342-3188 or contact us online.

Kim Adams, AIC

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Orlando attorney and licensed public adjuster Kim Adams has over 30 years of insurance claims experience. Kim and her clients work together as a team to bring a resolution that is most compatible with her clients’ needs.

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Severe damage from hurricane Irma, insurance company made a lowball offer … Kim Adams stepped in and did an amazing job at securing us over…
– C.A., Winter Garden, FL

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