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Kim Adams spent decades adjusting, estimating, evaluating and settling claims. Additionally, she has acted as appraiser for many claims.

What is Appraisal?

Most property insurance policies contain an appraisal provision that allows for an alternative resolution to litigation should you and your insurance company disagree on the amount of covered damages. While not always the best solution in every situation, appraisal is often a quicker and less expensive way to resolve conflict in an insurance claim.

Although the language may vary from policy to policy, the appraisal clause in most policies states that, should you and your insurance company disagree, each party will appoint an appraiser, who then agree on an umpire. This forms the appraisal panel. The cost of each party's appraiser is borne by that party and the umpire cost is split equally between the two parties.

An agreement on the amount of damage between two of the three in the appraisal panel is a binding appraisal award. This means that you cannot pursue your claim for any additional covered contractual damage and that the damage amount as agreed to by the appraisal panel is final.

It is imperative that both parties have competent appraisers and that there is a competent and knowledgeable umpire working toward resolution of any given claim.

With Kim’s extensive insurance and damage assessment experience, she is highly qualified to represent insured’s interests in the appraisal process.

Let Kim Fight for You

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Kim Adams, AIC

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Orlando attorney and licensed public adjuster Kim Adams has over 30 years of insurance claims experience. Kim and her clients work together as a team to bring a resolution that is most compatible with her clients’ needs.

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With her on my side, I settled for far more than what the insurance company had intended on paying.
– C.W., Jacksonville, FL

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