Kim M Adams PLLC represents homeowners, business owners, condominium associations and other policyholders in a variety of property claims-related insurance matters.  If you have a claim and have not been paid full value or have been delayed or denied, hire a claims expert to represent your interests.  Florida attorney and public adjuster Kim Adams has over 30 years adjusting and legal experience.

There are many law firms who handle insurance litigation.  However, most attorneys have never evaluated a claim or written an estimate.  In fact, many do not actually know how to read the details contained within an insurance company estimate.  With our firm, you not only get an experienced lawyer, you get an experienced claims adjuster and public adjuster with the estimating and claims evaluation experience.  In short, we speak the insurance company’s language — which makes it easier to resolve your claim.

How does this help you?   While we have sued many insurance companies and are still willing and able to do so, we are often able to resolve your case without the time and expense of litigation.  This allows you back into your home or business more quickly, allowing you to get on with other important things in your life.  You often don’t need a 50lb hammer to pound a 5lb nail.

Call or email our statewide Florida office in Orlando for a free consultation.  We work on contingency fee which means you do not owe attorney fees until you recover.

We also pay referral fees for referring attorneys.  Please contact our office for further details.

Homeowners Insurance Claims

What happens when disaster strikes and your insurance company doesn’t treat you fairly? Has your insurance company undervalued, delayed or denied your claim? We can help. Many people think their insurance company is their friend. We have often hear… Read More

Commercial Property Insurance Claims

Suffering a loss to your business can be devastating since it is your livelihood. When your business is interrupted by a covered loss, your insurance company should be there to help you get back in business. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.… Read More

Hurricane & Wind Damage

Florida property owners and business owners are a target for hurricanes, which are often devastating. Unfortunately, not only are they victims of the storm, but often become victims of the insurance claims handling that follows. Insurance companies r… Read More

Appraisal Services

Kim Adams spent decades adjusting, estimating, evaluating and settling claims. Additionally, she has acted as appraiser for many claims. What is Appraisal? Most property insurance policies contain an appraisal provision that allows for an alternative… Read More

Examination Under Oath

All insurance policies list duties that insureds must comply with or risk not getting paid on their claim. One of those duties is submit to an Examination Under Oath when the insurance company requests it. What is an Examination Under Oath (EUO)? An… Read More

Public Adjuster

The insurance company has their adjusters working for them. A Public Adjuster works for you and is the only party in the claims process who works solely for the policyholder. Think about it — the insurance staff or independent adjuster, as well as… Read More

Kim Adams, AIC

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Orlando attorney and licensed public adjuster Kim Adams has over 30 years of insurance claims experience. Kim and her clients work together as a team to bring a resolution that is most compatible with her clients’ needs.

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With her on my side, I settled for far more than what the insurance company had intended on paying.
– C.W., Jacksonville, FL

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