Below are just a few illustrations of results we have helped our clients attain. Kim M Adams PLLC is proud to have achieved positive outcomes for so many deserving clients. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal claim depends on the unique circumstances of each case. We cannot guarantee future results based on past successes we have achieved.

Central Florida Nursery suffers extensive damage from Hurricane Irma

A Central Florida nursery suffered extensive wind damage from the forces of Hurricane Irma. Several greenhouses and warehouses sustained extensive damage resulting in our client having to front tens of thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses. The insurance company denied coverage due to errors in underwriting the policy. Kim M Adams PLLC filed suit and was able to recover an undisclosed amount for this client, due to a confidentiality agreement. Read More

Roof, Siding and Interior Damage from Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew plowed through the Florida East Coast causing extensive damage in its path. Mr. and Mrs. W. sustained damage to the roof, siding and extensive interior water damage. Their insurance company paid $13,000.00 which was far below the amount of their damages. Mr. and Mrs. W retained us after months of unsuccessfully trying to resolve their claim. Kim and her team were able to obtain an additional $100,000.00 for a total payout of $113,000.00. Read More

Tree Falls on Home During Hurricane Irma

Ms. D. suffered extensive damage to her home when a tree fell on her house during Hurricane Irma, leaving her homeless. After months of trying to resolve her claim, she came to us for help. She was initially paid only $26,000.00. We were able to recover an additional $104,000.00 for a total claim payout of $130,000.00. Read More

Delivery Truck Hits Home While Delivering Merchandise

Mr. W.’s house was damaged when a delivery truck, while delivering merchandise to his home, hit his house causing extensive obvious as well as hidden damage. He initially tried to resolve his damages with the delivery company but was unsuccessful. He retained Kim to pursue his case through his homeowner’s insurance company. His insurance company sent out an inexperienced adjuster who estimated only $1,100.00 in damages. Kim M Adams PLLC was able to recover $39,000.00. Read More

Sinkhole Damages Home and Foundation

Our clients suffered a sinkhole claim which caused damage to the foundation and cracking and sinking of walls, floors and ceilings. The insurance company sent an engineer who determined that, while they noted sinkhole activity on the premises, it did not fall within the meaning of structural damage under Florida Statute. The homeowners retained Kim M Adams PLLC to represent them. After months of documentation and negotiation, we were able to recover $104,000.00 after the carrier’s initial denial of coverage. Read More

Extensive Damage to House by Tenants

Mr. N. held a house for rental to tenants who caused extensive damage due to marijuana grow house activity. The insurance company erroneously denied their claim. Kim filed a lawsuit and won on the coverage issue in Summary Judgment. The claim was settled in mediation for an undisclosed amount due to confidential settlement agreement. Read More

Extensive Damage to Home During Hurricane Irma

During Hurricane Irma, a tree was blown down causing extensive damage to the house foundation, floors, walls and ceilings. Mr. A. retained a contractor who unsuccessfully attempted to resolve Mr. A’s claim with the insurance company. By the time he retained Kim months after the storm, Mr. A. was paid $40,000.00, before their $3,500.00 deductible, well below the amount of extensive structural damages. Kim and her team were able to recover an additional $102,000.00 for a total of $142,000.00. Read More

Kim Adams, AIC

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Orlando attorney and licensed public adjuster Kim Adams has over 30 years of insurance claims experience. Kim and her clients work together as a team to bring a resolution that is most compatible with her clients’ needs.

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Severe damage from hurricane Irma, insurance company made a lowball offer … Kim Adams stepped in and did an amazing job at securing us over…
– C.A., Winter Garden, FL

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